Autumn Leaves

We’re introducing our autumn leaves, with a refreshed look.  The colors of autumn in this collection come so close to mother natures own. The marbling of these pastillage leaves cannot be found elsewhere other than Sugar Petals’ signature line of quality handcrafted icing products.

BAL26: Med-Lge, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RAL26: Med-Lge, Retail Packed: 8/unit-16units/box
BAL31: Lge, Bulk Packed: 144/box
RAL31: Lge, Retail Packed: 8/unit-18units/box

from $45.00Price:
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These edible Pearls which are made from pastillage icing are soft yet firm enough for use on almost all icings.  Their smooth texture allows for easy application any type of food colors whether airbrushed or dusted.

BPBB4mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box
BPBB6mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box
BPBB8mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box

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Bear cut-outs are a fun way to decorate those cute baby shower cakes!  Their simplicity allows your creativity to flourish.  Embellish them by stenciling, painting or piping royal icing to create something unique.

BPB23: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 50/box
RPB23: Assorted, Retail Packed: 6units – 2″ / 6units – 3″/box

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Calla Lily

This trumpet-like shaped flower, otherwise known as the Calla Lily symbolizes marriage and purity because of its white color.  You can choose to use it as is or wire them at the pre-holed bottom with royal icing.

BCA2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 36/box
RCA2: Medium, Retail Packed: 2/unit-18units/box
BCA3: Large, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RCA: Large, Retail Packed: 2/unit-18units/box
BCA4: Extra-Large, Bulk Packed: 15/box
RCA4: Extra-Large, Retail Packed: 2/unit-18units/box

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Carnations’ wide variety express a wide range of meanings; red for admiration, white for pure love, pink for a mothers’ undying love and stripped wishing you were here. We’ve re-created them so botanically correct you’ll think they are real!

BPC25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RPC25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-9units/box
BPC3: Large, Bulk Packed: 36/box
RPC3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-9units/box

from $62.75Price:
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Casablanca Lily

This wireless version of our wired Casablanca Lily is your choice for an all edible cake decor. It is just as elegant by itself or in an arrangement with our other lilies.

BSCS3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RSCS3: Large, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box

from $25.70Price:
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Classic Rose

This is your answer to economically designing your signature cakes without breaking the bank.  Our classic rose, otherwise known as the bakers rose is just as delicately made by hand as the pastillage rose yet reasonably priced.

BCQ2: Small, Bulk Packed: 200/box
RCQ2: Small, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BCQ25: Medium, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RCQ25: Medium, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box
BCQ3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RCQ3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

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Daffodils, the flower that symbolizes friendship. Daffodils belong to the genus <ahref=””>Narcissus which we offer too.  Sugar Petals® captures their beauty by delicately piping it out of royal icing.

BDL25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RDL25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box
BDL3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RDL3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

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Dainty Bess Rose

Dainty Bess is an exceptional and beautiful hybrid rose introduced in the 1920’s.  It brought about various colors and fragrances of raspberry, melon, banana, or the blend of apricot, peach, European plum, and the perfumed nectarine to match. Sugar Petals® re-creates this Dainty Bess in royal icing in a variety of colors.

BDB2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RDB2: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BDB25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RDB25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box

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Dainty Bess Rose

The Dainty Bess is the most sought out tea rose. It’s considered to be thē hybrid tea rose, charming and elegant at the same time. When combined with other pastillage single flowers in our line, this Dainty Bess Rose transforms a basket of edible flowers into something special.

BPDB3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RPDB3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $29.75Price:
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The simplicity of a daisy reflects its true meaning of purity and innocence. Its name was coined from the words “day’s eyes” due to the fact that it closes its petals at night only to open again the next morning. Our daisy though delicate in looks is an exellent replication of natures’ own.

BD2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RD2: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BD25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RD25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box

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Daisy Assortment – New item

Enjoy the flexibility of decorating your cakes with this assortment of daisies. The assortment gives you 32 pieces of White, 16 pieces of Pink & 16 pieces of Yellow daisies.

BD25: Med-Large (1-1/2″), Bulk Packed: 64/box


Price: $28.11
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Exotic flowers from the tropical regions can adorn your cake giving it that unique look only you can create!  Our all white Dendrobium Orchids give you the flexibility of painting it to any color scheme.

BPDO2: Small, Bulk Packed: 36/box
RPDO2: Small, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $43.26Price:
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Fancy Leaves

We call these leaves fancy simply because its dual tone is unlike any other on the market. In addition, it compliments our flowers so well!

BFL2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 400/box
RFL2: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-27units/box
BFL25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 384/box
RFL25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 9/unit-27units/box

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Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt feelings and often the flower is given on the fourth wedding anniversary. The simplicity of our hydrangea gives you the flexibility in decorating your desserts.

BPHY3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RPHY3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $20.15Price:
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Lady Bug

The myth is that if you catch and release a lady bug, it will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in their ear.  And once it’s heard, your true love will hurry their way to your side.  We just love how cute they look!

BLB: Small, Bulk Packed: 50/box

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Spring’s about a multitude of beautiful flowers such as the Narcissus.  This family of flowers includes the Jonquils, commonly known as Daffodils.

BN25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RN25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box

from $60.45Price:
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To never forget your loved one means using our assortment of gold, purple and white Pansies on your delicious creations. This assortment of hand crafted pansies is made from royal icing to mimic natures own.

BPN1: Small, Bulk Packed: 144/box
RPN1: Small, Retail Packed: 9/unit-36units/box
BPN25: Medium-Large, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RPN25:  Med-Lge, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box

from $64.45Price:
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Pastillage Rose

Our Pastillage Rose is the closest you can come to the real rose!  It’s not only carefully hand-crafted, its edible.  Unlike the traditional gum paste, our pastillage products are pleasant to the pallet as well!

BPR2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RPR2: Medium, Retail Packed: 4/unit-16units/box
BPR25: Med-Lge, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RPR25: Med-Lge, Retail Packed: 4/unit-9units/box
BPR4: Large, Bulk Packed: 36/box
RPR4: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-9units/box

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This trumpet shaped flower is now available in Pastillage form.  It’s delicate looks will delight your customers especially in spring when its beauty blooms in every color!

BPP3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RPP3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $0.00Price:
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Petunias are also known as “Mary’s Praises” in Germany because of their uplifting flowers. It is a common symbol of the Virgin Mary in Christianity, and are often planted in gardens dedicated to the Mother of Christ.  Sugar Petals® captures them in 6 spring colors in royal icing.

BPT25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RPT25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-16units/box

from $51.75Price:
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Regular Rose – * Closeout Sale!

This rose, also made from royal icing, is yet another style to enhance your cake designs. The added style just gives you the flexibility to be the creative cake decorator you can be.

*While supplies last

BR1: Small (7/8″), Bulk Packed: 288/box
RR1: Small (7/8″), Retail Packed: 9/unit-32units/box
BR2: Medium (1-1/4″), Bulk Packed: 200/box
RR2: Medium (1-1/4″), Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BR25: Med-Lge (1-1/2″), Bulk Packed: 128/box
RR25: Med-Lge (1-1/2″), Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box
BR3: Large (1-3/4″), Bulk Packed: 72/box
RR3: Large (1-3/4″), Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

Price: from $32.25
from $8.10Price:
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Rose Leaf

Hand piped with royal icing, this rose leaf accentuates any floral arrangement you choose to decorate your signature cakes with.

BRL2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 480/box
RRL2: Medium, Retail Packed: 12/unit-36units/box
BRL3: Large, Bulk Packed: 480/box
RRL3: Large, Retail Packed: 12/unit-36units/box

from $51.36Price:
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Rubrum Lily

As a pioneer supplier of hand crafted cake decorations, experience the ease of applying this wireless Rubrum Lily with all its beauty and details.  This is one of many wireless floral decorations in our pastillage line.

BSRL3: One Size, Bulk Packed: 9/box
RSRL3: One Size, Retail Packed: 1/unit – 9units/box

from $16.00Price:
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Grace your winter cakes with our pastillage snowflakes that will surely stand out in the cold.  Don’t be fooled by their details, these snowflakes ship well to any part of the world. They come assorted in 4 different designs and in 2 sizes coated with edible glitter that shimmers at every angle.

BPSN: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RPSN: Assorted, 8/unit-18units/box

from $31.43Price:
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This white, simple yet delicate and amazing fragant flower symbolizes marital happiness!  It is commonly used in wedding bouquets because of its gracefullness and durability.  We offer the stephanotis in pastillage form with a hole at the bottom giving you an option to wire them for unique bouquets.

BST1: Medium, Bulk Packed: 144/box
RST1: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BST2: Large, Bulk Packed: 81/box
RST2: Large, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box

from $24.91Price:
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This big, bold & gold flower symbolizes many things to many cultures.  It’s a symbol of happiness & good luck but more importantly unity as the multitude of petals are united by one large center.  We can get philosophical about it but we think it’s just gorgeous!

BPSF3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RPSF3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-9units/box

from $44.55Price:
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Tiger Lily

This orange and spotted looking flower is called a Tiger Lily and it means wealth and pride.  You will enjoy this wireless pastillage flower even more because of its bright color that enhances your cake creations.

BSTG3: One Size, Bulk Packed: 9/box
RSTG3: One Size, Retail Packed: 1/unit – 9units/box

from $26.78Price:
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Tri-color Daisy Assortment – Summer sale

Have it all with this triple colored box of daisies!  It’s an economical way to dress up those wedding or birthday cakes.

BD25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box

Price: $28.11
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Presenting violets is expressing ones’ love and faithfulness. Get creative when using our various sizes of violets by cascading them down alongside your cake.

BV1: Small, Bulk Packed: 288/box
RV1: Small, Retail Packed: 12/unit-24units/box
BV2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 200/box
RV2: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-27units/box
BV5: Petit, Bulk Packed: 300/box
RV5: Petit, Retail Packed: 16/unit-24units/box

from $51.18Price:
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Wild Rose

Simplicity is beauty!  This simple pastillage flower is sized at 1-3/4″, just right for cupcakes and mini cakes; a little goes a long way!

BPWR3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RPWR3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $18.64Price:
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