Baby’s Breath (Wired)

The Baby’s Breath flower symbolizes purity of heart and innocence.  This is a great component for making unique bouquets for your cakes.

BPBB:  Bulk Packed: 144/box
RPBB: Large, Retail Packed: 12/unit-18units/box

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Butterfly (Wired)

As the butterfly flutters around, it displays just how beautiful and graceful it really is.  Butterflies symbolizes change, an evolution of one’s being as seen in many occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even funerals.  Our butterflies come plain in 3 wonderful colors!  Paint or airbrush them to give them a whole new look everytime.

BBF1: Small, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RBF1: Small, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $28.85Price:
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Casablanca Lily (Wired)

Casablanca Lily is a popular flower at weddings. Its pure white, trumpet like shape announces that a special celebration is taking place. This lily is wired for creating bouquets that can cascade down the side of a cake.

BCS3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RCS3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box
BCS4: Extra-Large, Bulk Packed: 9/box
RCS4: Extra-Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $33.60Price:
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Cattleya Orchid (Wired)

These smaller Cattleya Orchids can add that charm to the extra-large version when used to cascade down your elegantly decorated desserts. The all white orchids give you the option of painting them to your customers specifications.

BPO2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPO2: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box
BPO3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RPO3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $36.90Price:
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Cattleya Orchid w/Tulle (Wired)

Our Extra-Large Cattleya Orchid is a charming and exotic flower that displays its elegance as it gracefully cascades down that special wedding cake. It comes assembled with bridal tulle to further enhance your creations.

BPO5: Extra-Large, Bulk Packed: 6/box

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Beauty and love symbolizes the Cymbidium Orchid. Our botanically accurate replication of this exotic flower come wired as shown in this picture for easy assembly of corsages.

BCM3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RCM3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $45.00Price:
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Filler Flower (Wired)

Here is another component we offer to customize any spray or bouquet you may need for your wedding cake designs.  These miniature pastillage flowers come wired for easy application.

BPFF1: One size, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPFF: One size, Retail Packed: 2pc/unit – 9units/box

from $55.75Price:
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Ivy Leaves (Wired)

Pastillage Ivy leaves on a wire is one of many components available in our product line which enables you  to design a unique bouquet for that special wedding cake.  Its true to life quality just adds that special touch for any cake design as well.

BPIV: One size, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPIV: One size, Retail Packed: 1pc/unit – 24units/box

from $50.10Price:
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Jasmine (Wired)

Jasmines are considered as sensual, graceful flowers. Our Jasmines are corsage components that give you the flexibility to be as creative as your imagination takes you!

BPJS: Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPJS: Retail Packed: 2/unit-9units/box

from $45.86Price:
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Poinsettia (Wired)

The Poinsettia, a popular Christmas flower because of its red color and star shaped leaves is said to have originated from Mexico. It was named after the 1st US Ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett who took a fancy to the flower and brought it back to his green house in South Carolina. Our wired version of the Poinsettia truly displays its beauty.

BPXP3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RPXP3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $55.65Price:
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Rubrum Lily (Wired)

Otherwise known as Stargazers, our Pastillage Rubrum Lily brightens up any cake with its open petals bursting with grace.

BRBL3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RRBL3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box
BRBL4: Extra Large, Bulk Packed: 9/box
RRBL3: Extra Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $33.60Price:
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Tiger Lily (Wired)

The Tiger Lily boldly displays orange spotted petals.  Its name, tiger, refers to the spots on the petals like the animal.  This wired Tiger Lily version allows you the flexibility to incorporate the flower with others to create a unique corsage for your cake.

BTG3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RTG3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

from $50.96Price:
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