These edible Pearls which are made from pastillage icing are soft yet firm enough for use on almost all icings.  Their smooth texture allows for easy application any type of food colors whether airbrushed or dusted.

BPBB4mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box
BPBB6mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box
BPBB8mm:  One size, Bulk Packed: 2lbs/box

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Bear cut-outs are a fun way to decorate those cute baby shower cakes!  Their simplicity allows your creativity to flourish.  Embellish them by stenciling, painting or piping royal icing to create something unique.

BPB23: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 50/box
RPB23: Assorted, Retail Packed: 6units – 2″ / 6units – 3″/box

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Butterfly (Wired)

As the butterfly flutters around, it displays just how beautiful and graceful it really is.  Butterflies symbolizes change, an evolution of one’s being as seen in many occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even funerals.  Our butterflies come plain in 3 wonderful colors!  Paint or airbrush them to give them a whole new look everytime.

BBF1: Small, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RBF1: Small, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

from $28.85Price:
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Lady Bug

The myth is that if you catch and release a lady bug, it will faithfully fly to your true love and whisper your name in their ear.  And once it’s heard, your true love will hurry their way to your side.  We just love how cute they look!

BLB: Small, Bulk Packed: 50/box

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Ribbons are a cute and inexpensive decor to apply onto your cakes!  They may look too delicate for shipping but looks are deceiving!

BPRBN: Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPRBN: Retail Packed: 2/unit-18units/box

from $17.55Price:
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Grace your winter cakes with our pastillage snowflakes that will surely stand out in the cold.  Don’t be fooled by their details, these snowflakes ship well to any part of the world. They come assorted in 4 different designs and in 2 sizes coated with edible glitter that shimmers at every angle.

BPSN: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RPSN: Assorted, 8/unit-18units/box

from $31.43Price:
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