Sugar Petals® is a product line of the parent company Diazes Incorporated. This November, we will celebrate 32 years of servicing retail and wholesale bakeries, retailers in the cake decorating and craft industry as well as distributors nationwide! As a family owned and operated business, we made a personal commitment to provide our customers with quality products and excellent service to match.

We pioneered providing hand crafted Royal Icing decorations at a reasonable price when the company opened its doors in 1982. Soon after that, we began to venture into Pastillage Icing decorations as a means to come as close to nature as possible.

Pastillage, pronounced as “pas-ti-ya-j”  is a powdered sugar based dough used to decorate and create decorations for pastries, show piece items, and decorative molded pieces.  We opted to use this rather than the well known gum paste for its taste and delicate looks.  This took off very well with cake decorators for use on their wedding cakes especially as an alternative to using real flowers that contained pesticides.

While others attempt to provide similar looking products, we continue on with providing our customers with the highest standards they have come to expect from Sugar Petals®.

The company attributes its success from listening to its customers and their needs.