Cattleya Orchid (Wired)

These smaller Cattleya Orchids can add that charm to the extra-large version when used to cascade down your elegantly decorated desserts. The all white orchids give you the option of painting them to your customers specifications.

BPO2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPO2: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box
BPO3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RPO3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box

Cattleya Orchid w/Tulle (Wired)

Our Extra-Large Cattleya Orchid is a charming and exotic flower that displays its elegance as it gracefully cascades down that special wedding cake. It comes assembled with bridal tulle to further enhance your creations.

BPO5: Extra-Large, Bulk Packed: 6/box