Regular Rose – * Closeout Sale!

This rose, also made from royal icing, is yet another style to enhance your cake designs. The added style just gives you the flexibility to be the creative cake decorator you can be.

*While supplies last

BR1: Small (7/8″), Bulk Packed: 288/box
RR1: Small (7/8″), Retail Packed: 9/unit-32units/box
BR2: Medium (1-1/4″), Bulk Packed: 200/box
RR2: Medium (1-1/4″), Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BR25: Med-Lge (1-1/2″), Bulk Packed: 128/box
RR25: Med-Lge (1-1/2″), Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box
BR3: Large (1-3/4″), Bulk Packed: 72/box
RR3: Large (1-3/4″), Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box


The pansy was derived from the French word “pensee” meaning thoughts, more importantly, a lovers’ thoughts. It was said that you could see a loved one in the face of the pansy. This pastillage version of the pansy is perfectly hand-crafted to express ones’ thoughts on a delicious gift.

BPPN3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RPPN3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box


The chrysanthemum in general symbolizes abundance, wealth, cheerfulness, optimism, hope, and rest. Some individually white means truth, red is love and wonderful friendships and yellow a slighted love. Our royal icing chrysanthemums come in a range of colors, 8 to be exact and are perfect for any occasion!

BM25: Medium, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RM25: Medium, Retail Packed: 4/unit-16units/box

Classic Rose

This is your answer to economically designing your signature cakes without breaking the bank.  Our classic rose, otherwise known as the bakers rose is just as delicately made by hand as the pastillage rose yet reasonably priced.

BCQ2: Small, Bulk Packed: 200/box
RCQ2: Small, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BCQ25: Medium, Bulk Packed: 128/box
RCQ25: Medium, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box
BCQ3: Large, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RCQ3: Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box

Butterfly (Wired)

As the butterfly flutters around, it displays just how beautiful and graceful it really is.  Butterflies symbolizes change, an evolution of one’s being as seen in many occasions such as weddings, birthdays and even funerals.  Our butterflies come plain in 3 wonderful colors!  Paint or airbrush them to give them a whole new look everytime.

BBF1: Small, Bulk Packed: 72/box
RBF1: Small, Retail Packed: 4/unit-18units/box