Grace your winter cakes with our pastillage snowflakes that will surely stand out in the cold.  Don’t be fooled by their details, these snowflakes ship well to any part of the world. They come assorted in 4 different designs and in 2 sizes coated with edible glitter that shimmers at every angle.

BPSN: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RPSN: Assorted, 8/unit-18units/box

Rose Leaf

Nature is closer than you think it is. These pastillage rose leaves are so detailed, you’d think they were the real thing! Enhance your floral arrangements with these leaves that are wireless and comes in an assortment of 2 leaf sizes; 1-3/16″ & 1-1/2″, allowing your creativity to come through.

BPRL225: Dual size asstd, Bulk Packed: 500/box
RPRL225: Dual size asstd, Retail Packed: 20/unit-16units/box


Bear cut-outs are a fun way to decorate those cute baby shower cakes!  Their simplicity allows your creativity to flourish.  Embellish them by stenciling, painting or piping royal icing to create something unique.

BPB23: Assorted, Bulk Packed: 50/box
RPB23: Assorted, Retail Packed: 6units – 2″ / 6units – 3″/box