The simplicity of a daisy reflects its true meaning of purity and innocence. Its name was coined from the words “day’s eyes” due to the fact that it closes its petals at night only to open again the next morning. Our daisy though delicate in looks is an exellent replication of natures’ own.

BD2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 100/box
RD2: Medium, Retail Packed: 9/unit-18units/box
BD25: Med-Large, Bulk Packed: 64/box
RD25: Med-Large, Retail Packed: 4/unit-32units/box

Cattleya Orchid (Wired)

These smaller Cattleya Orchids can add that charm to the extra-large version when used to cascade down your elegantly decorated desserts. The all white orchids give you the option of painting them to your customers specifications.

BPO2: Medium, Bulk Packed: 24/box
RPO2: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box
BPO3: Large, Bulk Packed: 16/box
RPO3: Large, Retail Packed: 1/unit-18units/box